love is a way of life with everything

Resonance is about our capacity for empathy and non-verbal connection and it forms the basis of all our social connections.

Our nervous systems are attuned to those around us with whom we share a close connection. When we experience resonance in our interactions, there is a feeling of warmth and understanding that flows between us and the person or people we are interacting with.

Resonance is a skill that can be learned and developed with training and practice. With resonant awareness, we can become kinder to ourselves and to each other and together make the world a kinder place.

I’m Filippa Araki and my vision is a Compassionate World.

My passion is supporting people to connect with their own inner wisdom and find more connection and meaning in their lives.

I’ve spent my adult life seeking to understand and find meaning and purpose in my life. I have spent years and years researching, studying and practising and now I love sharing what I have learnt with others in order to support them to grow and find deeper satisfaction and connection in their lives.

I have been teaching language and communication for nearly 30 years and I offer regular trainings and coaching (both in-person and online) in Compassionate Communication (NVC), Self Compassion and Empathy (Deep Listening).

A passionate researcher and educator as well as lifelong learner, I draw on lots of different modalities including:

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
Compassion-Focused Therapy
Self Compassion (Kristen Neff)
Shame & Empathy research (Brene Brown)
Focusing (whole body awareness)
Dan Siegel’s work
The Gottman Institute
Mindfulness meditation
and more…

I am a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

If you are based locally, visit my facebook page to see what events are coming up. I can also travel to deliver workshops. If you are interested in one-to-one coaching, please contact me.




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