About Filippa

Filippa Araki is passionate about sharing the tools and insights of Compassionate Communication (NVC) that have transformed her inner and outer life.


Through decades of personal questing and growth, Filippa gained personal experience of the radical difference that conscious communication skills make in relating to self, others and the environment.

By developing an inner space of self-compassion and understanding, we bring more love, acceptance, and integrity to all our relationships.

Mother of two, educator for over 30 years, and an internationally certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (cnvc.org), Filippa supports others’ journeys towards living more lightly on the Earth in connected and sustainable communities.

Practising and teaching empathy and compassion is Filippa’s passion and now her life purpose. Read more about her journey into NVC

Filippa runs and organises regular workshops and trainings on Compassionate Communication and Nonviolence in Currumbin Ecovillage in southern Queensland, Australia. She also offers online one-on-one and couples coaching.